I am a certified doula (DONA) and proud to call Iowa home. I grew up in Ames, attended college in Grinnell, grad school in Iowa City, and have now settled in Grinnell for good. I started attending births as a doula in 2014 and earned a Master of Public Health degree in Community and Behavioral Health in 2017. I have also been a harpist for over 20 years and love to spend free time with a knitting project. 

I am currently accepting clients for 2018 and attend births in hospitals, birth centers, or at home in the Grinnell and Iowa City areas. 

What is a doula?

A doula provides physical, emotional, and educational support to families during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. The presence and support of a doula has been shown to significantly reduce the duration and discomfort of childbirth. A doula does not give medical care, make decisions for parents, or speak on their behalf. As a doula, I do not favor one type of birth or try to influence the birthing choices of parents. I believe it is important that people giving birth and their families are able to make informed decisions regarding birth and feel supported throughout the whole experience.


Laurel leaves are seen as a symbol of peace, strength, and achievement. I believe a doula's job is to support these elements in their client's decisions and birth experience. Each person giving birth will have unique goals, feelings, and experiences surrounding birth. I offer care and support that is evidence-based, and non-judgmental and focused on the person giving birth, regardless of their gender, cultural background, or life stage. As a doula, I strive to meet the individual needs of people anticipating and experiencing the birth of their child.