Laurel added such a calm and confident energy to our birthing experience. She worked well with the midwives at the University of Iowa. Laurel made sure my needs and wants were being met during the process, before it became a panicked decision. She reminded my husband and I as the process went along of what was up next and what we had said that we wanted. Laurel never did this in a way that created hostility or panic but by just putting it out there so we could be in charge of our decisions. She offered changes of position, etc. at just the right times and helped my husband stay present or take a break without imposing. She is such an asset to have in creating the birth experience that you desire. 

-Lisa and Jonathan (Iowa City) 

My husband Jarred and I moved back to Iowa when I was 7 months pregnant with our first child. We were interested in a home birth but weren’t able to do so due to lack of insurance coverage. It was important to us to find a doula to help us achieve a more natural and comfortable birth experience in a hospital setting. We are grateful that we found Laurel to be our doula and help us achieve our goals. Laurel provided feedback on local providers that helped us to choose which provider and hospital would be the best fit for us. At our initial meeting we discussed our birth plan and some remaining questions I had. Laurel followed up by sending me links to materials specific to my questions as well as several helpful articles on labor and comfort techniques. When labor began, Laurel and I remained in regular contact until it was time to go to the hospital. During early labor, she provided valuable feedback on technique and comfort during contractions. Her advice was especially helpful when my contractions hit full force during active labor. She also helped keep Jarred calm and comfortable during the whole process. During active labor she again provided amazing support by pressing on my back during contractions when I was experiencing back labor, bringing me water and cool compresses on request and helping us stick to our birth plan. Laurel helped us to achieve our ideal birth and we were able to welcome our daughter into the world the way we intended. Postpartum, Laurel helped to connect me to local breastfeeding and mom groups for additional support. I would highly recommend Laurel to anyone looking for a doula for a better labor and delivery experience. 

-Kira and Jarred (Cedar Rapids) 

Laurel was our doula for the birth of our first baby in August 2015. My baby was overdue, so I was induced. Laurel helped so much with her knowledge on what can happen during an induction, even before we went to the hospital!! She was worth her weight in gold! While in the hospital, she was able to provide breathing tips and other sources to help through my contractions and keep my husband and I focused on the result of our baby eventually being born. I ended up having an emergency c-section, and Laurel was still there for us. She got information to my worried husband about what was happening with me and the baby, and was able to relay that he would be able to come into the operating room with me. Once our beautiful son was born, my husband went to the nursery with him. Laurel came in and stayed with me while being stitched back up, and stayed until my husband and son came back to recovery with me. She came over to visit us after we came home from the hospital, and provided me with Facebook groups I could join for breastfeeding and postpartum support. We are so happy we met Laurel and she was able to be there for us during one of the best times in our lives!! 

-Brooke and Ryan (Tiffin)